ESP32 HTTPS Server
httpsserver::HTTPRequest Class Reference

Represents the request stream for an HTTP request. More...

#include <HTTPRequest.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 HTTPRequest (ConnectionContext *con, HTTPHeaders *headers, HTTPNode *resolvedNode, std::string method, ResourceParameters *params, std::string requestString)
std::string getHeader (std::string const &name)
void setHeader (std::string const &name, std::string const &value)
HTTPNodegetResolvedNode ()
std::string getRequestString ()
std::string getMethod ()
std::string getTag ()
IPAddress getClientIP ()
size_t readChars (char *buffer, size_t length)
size_t readBytes (byte *buffer, size_t length)
size_t getContentLength ()
bool requestComplete ()
void discardRequestBody ()
ResourceParametersgetParams ()
HTTPHeadersgetHTTPHeaders ()
std::string getBasicAuthUser ()
std::string getBasicAuthPassword ()
bool isSecure ()
void setWebsocketHandler (WebsocketHandler *wsHandler)

Detailed Description

Represents the request stream for an HTTP request.

Member Function Documentation

◆ discardRequestBody()

void httpsserver::HTTPRequest::discardRequestBody ( )

This function will drop whatever is remaining of the request body

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